100% organic inputs,
super-effective and eco-friendly

Organic farming aims to create a balance between food production and environmental sustainability.
By adopting natural methods, organic farming seeks to ensure long-term food production without compromising ecosystem health.



Crops & Vegetables

VERMIPRO Limited – Range of organic and bio inputs address key production challenges ranging from soil health, fertility, plant growth, yield, disease, and pest management.

Farm Management

VERMIPRO Limited – Range of plant protection, weed control, pest and disease management, organic farm hygiene. Inputs guarantee increased production, and reduction of pre-harvest losses


VERMIPRO Limited – Probiotic livestock inputs formulation enable increased production through improving FCR, reduction of stress, improving feed quality, and boosting immunity and health of flock.


For profitable and sustainable production, VERMIPRO Limited probiotic & prebiotic poultry inputs increase egg production, growth rate, reduce stress in birds, and improve general health and immunity.


Water quality & feed utilization are key factors in sustainable fish production. VERMIPRO aquaculture inputs help improve water quality by breaking down ammonia in ponds and improving Feed Conversion Ratio thus shortening the production cycle.


Concentrates are formulated for expanding by a secondary process using equal parts of the Concentrate and molasses and then adding 90% water. This process will expand the Concentrate 20 times making it very cost effective for large scale applications.


Vermipro Limited will provide training and serve as a technical resource throughout the use of the products. We are proud to provide industry leading solutions for a multitude of needs and will serve as a partner in your business to assist in your growth by using our products knowledge and business philosophy